Sunday, April 22, 2012

Birthday at Mammoth Cave

We celebrated my birthday this weekend. Originally, I wanted my family to come down so we could go to Natural Bridge and explore but Friday night when they got here the weather turned very wet and we had to make a back up plan.

This week happens to be free National Park week across the country so we looked into visiting KY's national park, Mammoth Cave. We all piled into mom's van and made the 2.5 hr drive down. The park was really green! I kept thinking about RMNP and how different and beautiful they both are.

We took a 2hr. guided history tour through a portion of the cave. I think we all really enjoyed it. I would love to go back and see some more of the cave and trails above ground. Ellis wants to go on the tour that shows the rivers and lakes in the cave.

After our tour Pappy got the kids a Mammoth cave pin to add to their cammelbacks and then we made our way to Mama Lou's, a restaurant suggested by a park ranger. The food was so good and the banana pudding was delicious!!


Anonymous said...

IPhone definitely needs a better flash...the cave was cool!


Holly said...

So fun...I have not heard of it, but sounds beautiful. We plan on going to a NP very soon. said...

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